Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown Sugar Restaurant

My sister recently came home to celebrate her birthday, and one evening she treated family and friends to an amazing dinner at Brown Sugar Restaurant in Bay Street, St. Michael. Brown Sugar has long been a favourite place to dine on the island, especially for Bajans. Besides the food, the ambience there is stunning - with flora and greenery everywhere, it's like dining in an enchanted tropical forest!
The menu included crispy chicken tenders in a sweet pepper jelly, kingfish with spices and pineapple sauce, and Black Belly lamb with stewed fruit chutney. On hand throughtout the night was their unique and very popular tropical fruit punch. Dessert included white chocolate cheesecake with mango coulis.
If you are ever visiting the island you must eat there at least once. They also serve a daily lunch buffet that you will never forget!
The above photo showing the interior of Brown Sugar Restaurant is from the Brown Sugar website.
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FuturePrimitive said...

I just found your blog and that food sounds delish! If I am ever lucky enough to come to Barbados, I'm gonna check that restaurant out.
I added you to my blog list. When you gonna make more soap?!

Amanda said...

Hi there,
It's a lovely restaurant, I am sure you would love it.
I am preparing for a craft show at the moment but after that I plan to have more soaps ready.
I checked out your store - your products look amazing!
Thanks for stopping by.