Friday, September 5, 2008

Lime Tea

Lime Tea Perfume Oil was partly inspired by the fresh scent and taste of limes we use in our household for cooking, seasoning and cold drinks. It's a light, fruity-floral fragrance enhanced with notes of green and black tea, lindenblossom and just a touch of cedarwood.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Featured Botanical: Honeybush

Honeybush from the Cape of South Africa is one of my latest plant obsessions. I still love my green tea, but prefer to drink only three or so cups during the week now, and always before
6 pm. Honeybush tea is my preferred choice throughout the day at the moment and definitely right before bedtime.
It is a fragrant shrub with a slightly fruity-floral, smooth and mild taste. It contains virtually no tannin or caffeine - so you don't get that bitter taste that usually occurs with the green and black teas. It's said to be rich in Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. And not surprisingly - some antioxidants. It's also reputed to help with hormonal and pre-menopausal imbalances.
Sounds good to me!
The photo above shows a simple herbal infusion that I made with organic honeybush leaves and lemongrass. Just boil one part honeybush with one part lemongrass. You can drink it straight up (no milk or sugar), but if you use a little honey that will enhance the overall flavour of the tea.
I haven't tried a cold honeybush infusion yet, but it's supposed to taste delicious as an iced tea or combined with fruit juices.
(Photo of Honeybush & Lemongrass Tea copyright Amanda Jones, 2008. All rights reserved.)