Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Etsy Finds: Adega Creations

One of my absolute favourite stores on Etsy is Adega Creations. They specialize in authentic African artwork, crafts, clothing, batiks, home accessories and jewellery. The store was created by Margaret Ogembo, a nurse, and one of seven sisters from the Lua tribe of Kenya. All items are handmade in Kenya, and profits from the business go towards supporting Margaret's health clinic in western Kenya.
Right now I'm coveting one of their handwoven sisal and suede leather purses, as well as a set of individually hand carved soap stone coasters (pictured above).
They also have these beautiful hand carved ebony wood bookends (top left). The ones pictured are rhinos, but they also have them in elephants, giraffes, panthers and lions.
Pictured at the top right is one of their banana leaf paintings. Banana leaf artwork has been constant in African art for centuries. It's a very time-consuming process and is very hard to accomplish without flaws. The banana leaves are sometimes dyed to create a more dimensional or realistic effect. When the artwork is finished it becomes a gorgeous focal point that has become extremely popular in the last few years.
You can find more of their handmade treasures at


akinyi said...

I am sorry to inform you Etsy shut Adega Creations down. First they allowed us to sell as a collective, but then changed their mind and blacked us out. If you want to order some of our things, you can send a message to Also, one of Margaret's sisters, Roseline is an excellent custom seamstress and you can see her fashions at

Amanda said...

Ok, thanks very much for letting me know.