Monday, October 25, 2010

Lime, thyme and cocoa

My tincturing experiments which I began a while back have been coming along quite nicely, so I thought I would post a few photos of the results here.
As you may recall, I had started tincturing the lime leaves and broadleaf  thyme from my garden back in May, and then I tinctured some cocoa beans from Grenada in early August.

Grenadian cocoa

Broadleaf thyme

Lime leaf

 I'm quite pleased with the results, especially as this was my first attempt at tincturing anything.
The cocoa tincture has the strongest smell - I am quite surprised at how strong it is - and it's aroma is also very sweet and caramel-like, along with the chocolate smell. When I first decided to tincture the cocoa, I had envisioned it to smell like rich dark chocolate, so the sweetness surprised me - but in a pleasant way.

The lime leaf and thyme are much lighter in their scent but also very pleasant too. I think I will give these two a bit longer to marry with the alcohol.

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