Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lime Tea Eau de Toilette

A special eau de toilette version of Lime Tea perfume is now available in my Etsy store.
A light, slightly sweet and refreshing perfume oil, inspired by a 16th century formula, Lime Tea contains notes of  lime peel balanced with lemon verbena, citrus and green herbs all hand-blended into a base of natural sugar alcohol obtained right here on the island.

I also added a little bit of lime leaf tincture from the lime tree in my garden.

Made from Barbadian-distilled sugar alcohol, the sugar canes were cultivated pesticide-free and distilled using organic, traditional and time-honoured methods.

The sugar alcohol which I was fortunate enough to obtain is pure, un-aged and quite fragrant. The sweet aroma of the sugar canes marries beautifully with the individual notes of the perfume, magically uplifting, transforming and lending an understated sugar-y accord to the aromatic blend. So local Barbados sugar canes played a vital and intricate role in the formation of this unisex fragrance.

Lime Tea Eau de Toilette is not available to be shipped overseas at this time, but it can be purchased from my Etsy store to be shipped within the island.


Oh, True Apothecary said...

Lovely color on your perfume! It's nice that you're using local alcohol and aromatics from your garden. Now that's niche perfumery!

Lisa BTB said...

Lime Tea Eau de Toilette sounds delightful and the color is gorgeous.