Friday, December 14, 2012

Flight Reading

For my eight-hour flight abroad this year, here's what I'll be carrying on the plane to read:
Olive Oil: A Guide to Selecting & Using the World's Most Versatile Super Food, by Tina Lofhouse.

And......this one, recommended by Lisa of The Blossoming Tree who also heads the Perfumer's Book Club over on Facebook:-)

Celia Lyttleton's The Scent Trail: How One Woman's Quest for the Perfect Perfume Took Her Around the World which promises to be the "ultimate olfactory odyssey". In order to create her perfect signature perfume, Lyttleton arms herself with a list of ingredients, and travels the world - including Tuscany, India, Sri Lanka - searching for "each component of her scent, tracing its origins, history, and culture."

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