Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chocolate and cupcakes at Canary Wharf

I visited the Hotel Chocolat store at Canary Wharf while in London last month.
Besides the usual chocolate edibles, they also have a chocolate bath and body range called Cocoa Juvenate.
The range consists of body oils, lotions, hand creams, liquid soaps, etc. and they use cocoa from St. Lucia along with fruit oils, honey and plant butters.
They also offer port wines.... be paired with their award-winning chocolates.
The fruit-flavoured range of chocolates include a 'Raspberry Smoothie' - light, refreshing raspberry combined with creamy white chocolate. And also silky soft lemon truffles.
They also had gift-boxed 'petit desserts' in creme brulee and other flavours. I bought their caramel chocolate with sour cream cheesecake filling, as well as a milk chocolate-coated praline but ate them both before I could take a photo (lol!).

Next it was on to the Sweet Couture Boutique Bakery for fresh, hand-baked cupcakes.
Theirs was definitely some of the freshest I have ever tasted.
So many choices, so little time...
The cupcakes are made from English-inspired recipes, seasonal ingredients, free-range eggs, and no preservatives.
In the end I opted for a traditional chocolate cupcake - dark chocolate topped with a smooth and rich chocolate buttercream and edible sugar decoration. Definitely fresh, moist and not too sweet, one of the nicest cupcakes I have tasted.

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The cupcake looks divine