Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sorrel, sugar cane & Saturday edibles

Yesterday was a busy day spent running errands with family. One of our first stops was at my grandmother’s house, where we got some sugar cane to use for a school project.

Here’s the sugar cane being cut from my gran’s backyard;
Sugar cane plants can grow very tall...
Sugar cane has toughly jointed stalks. Here’s my uncle cutting them the traditional way with a cutlass and board...
Some of the stalks, cut and ready to go:
A little later we went into town to run some more errands. At Cheapside market I bought some fresh sorrel (roselle). I’ll be posting some more sorrel recipes in the future - both for eating and skin care.
On our way out of Bridgetown we stopped to get some lunch at Ryanne’s eatery in Broad Street. We had:
Pudding & Souse*
*Steamed pudding made from sweet potato, cucumber pickled with lime juice, onions, hot peppers, parsley and pickled pork – including the ears, snout and trotters (you specify the pieces you want) with breadfruit on the side to balance the tang of all that yummy pickle. Pudding and souse is the local delicacy on Saturdays.

As well as fried fish cakes....
As we were eating away, a friend called to tell us it was her birthday and she had made some fish cakes and bakes and invited us to come over and get some more. Lol, how could we possibly refuse?
She gave us a whole mini bucket-full! The bakes are in there at the bottom so you can’t see them. Nothing beats homemade fish cakes and bakes, especially on a Saturday.
It ended up being a very traditional local day with sorrel, fish cakes, bakes, pudding & souse and sugar cane.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the sorrel recipes

Anonymous said...

I've visited Barbados several times but apart from the fish cakes, I haven't seen these dishes on the hotel's menu.
Will be sure to try these Bajan deliciacies next time. Thanks Bajan Scent!

Hazel Hazel said...

That's trouble with hotels they always serve guests international cuisine, never local food you have to explore the islands' local eateries to get a taste of what the Locals eat - peggy' s hide -a-way lower Carlton st James on west Coast or Oistins fish market small cook shops
Next year 2015, will start renting a small 2-bedroom house in st Philip to vacationers to Barbados at a price hard to beat and will arrange for a good supply of Local cuisine for every palate - Watch for it, if you're planning a trip to Barbados