Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Starting from scratch

This is a newer version of the coconut and olive oil melt and pour soap base I have been working on. I have been improving on it from the original I made a little while ago.
I’ll still be making some soaps using the cold-process method, but also hope to use my own melt and pour / pre-made soap bases like this one more and more for my soaps. Melt and pour bases allow me greater flexibility and creativity in soapmaking.
But because of their heavy weight, it became impossible to ship them in from overseas. Melt and pour soap bases aren’t available for sale locally in Barbados. And to ship them in can be cost-prohibitive, not to mention the overall hassle of shipping logistics, duty, taxes and so on.
Making this pre-made soap base also allows me to have greater choice and control over the types of ingredients, essential oils, and aromatics that go into the finished soaps.

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