Monday, March 11, 2013

Medford Mahogany Creations

Medford Craft World is the beautiful woodwork studio situated just outside of Bridgetown, which specializes in fine, one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade entirely from locally sourced Barbados mahogany wood. Owner and founder Reggie Medford has been practicing his craft for thirty-five years, carving sculptural works of art from the indigenous mahogany trees that grow on his compound and throughout the island. While his pieces have an organic quality about them, it's obvious that much intricate skill, time and talented hands are involved in the entire process.

The very first time I toured Medford Craft World was many years ago. Visiting the studio a second time last week, it was wonderful to see that Mr. Medford is still as passionate about his work. Everything from the tranquil, natural surroundings to Mr. Medford and his team of master artisans has a quietly vibrant, "alive" and effortless manner about them.

First we were given a brief history of Barbados mahogany and Medford Craft World, followed by a personalized tour of the workshop by Mr. Medford himself.

And we got to see the mahogany wood in its rawest, and most organic state....

....before skilful hands helped it take on a more refined, but still natural form. Look at those elegant curves and lines.

The mahogany is sanded, carved and shaped into different pieces....

before going through a unique and intricate varnishing process developed by Mr. Medford himself.

The pieces are then sold in their shop as abstract originals, clocks, coffee tables, pen holders and smaller souvenir items.

I'll show you the pieces I purchased in my next post later this week. Here's one of the two resident Medford Mahogany ponies.
Medford Mahogany Creations

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