Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orange Blossom gets an upgrade

One thing you come to realize about perfume-making is that the more you learn, the more you realize there is to learn. This is probably true of most disciplines, hobbies or skills that you choose to undertake. As I study the materials used in perfumery more and more, read more books on the subject, gain more knowledge about the individual aroma molecules that make materials smell the way they do, and experiment with blends more and more, my confidence grows and with it my willingess to try new things to make each perfume creation even better and stand out more. Doing this means I will also make more mistakes, but there is always something to learn from those too.
Orange Blossom is one of the very first perfumes I made for sale, and I am pleased that it consistently got positive feedback from customers. But now I want to make it even better. So Jasmine sambac and a few other floral compounds have now been added to the formula for my Orange Blossom perfume, and it has definitely made a lovely difference to the overall aroma - it now has more depth and richness. It is still the same green floral which my customers approved  of, but now it seems more intricate and not as simple or straightforward as before.

I am also thinking of adding a tiny bit of either nutmeg or sage leaf (above) to the top notes. The sage oil I recently obtained is a variety from Spain and it has a lovely, fresh, slightly sweet and floral quality  that works well with the orange flower notes in the perfume. It's very mild, and quite different from the strong, camphorous more commonly used sage oil which originates from other parts of Europe; the Spanish variety is definitely more suitable for perfumery.
My reason behind the nutmeg was to see if I could make the perfume sweet and spicy in a subtle way, and even more complex. But I really love the sage oil on its own and think I will leave it at just that for now.


World Tour Stories said...

You have an interesting job. I love nutmeg in food and the smell of anything made with it is always so inviting. I believe it could make for an exciting addition to your orange blossom perfume.

Amanda Jones said...

Nutmeg has a gorgeous scent and you are so right - it would go very well with orange blossom. I'm always tinkering with my formulas so there's always the possibility I will add it one day.