Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Growing a plant pot

Pineapple Plant photo copyright Dmitry Bryndin. All rights reserved.
I’ve been inspired to do this since some very knowledgeable guys who grow and sell their own fruits and vegetables gave me some tips.

They said it should take about a year before you get a pineapple, but they know of someone who got one to grow in six months!

Also, Pinterest has lots of tips and ideas for growing your own fruit trees like lemon and orange in a regular plant pot.

So I will take the plunge. Will I have success this time, or will it go the way of my other attempts. Like the tobacco, the lavender, the chamomile…… I love herbs and vegetable gardens but haven’t had too much luck with the green thumb so far.

BTW, besides being rich in bromelain, an anti-inflammatory used today in many supplements, pineapple also contains many natural aroma chemicals which contribute to its unique and lovely scent, and which are frequently extracted from the fruit for use in perfumes.

Ethyl lactate is one of these aroma compounds found in pineapple. It has a fruity, butterscotch-like aroma which goes well with blood orange, black pepper and lime, and is used as a top note in perfumes.*
Pineapple prefers sunny, dry conditions, so a mixture of half sand and half potash in the plant pot is recommended. Place in a bright sunny area (it’s possible to grow indoors too) and water about once every two days. We’ll see.
* Source: Perfuming with Natural Isolates by Shelley Waddington.


Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

I love pineapple. I hope it's a great success. I haven't had much luck with lavender either but I recently found out that it takes 2-3 years to mature.

Amanda Jones said...

Thanks Lisa, I'll update any progress on the pineapple here. I didn't know that about the lavender, I would like to try growing it again sometime.