Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creating the scent of tobacco flowers - Part 1.

Late last year I managed to acquire a small bottle of tobacco absolute. Using it as guide, I will finally attempt to recreate the scent of tobacco flowers.

The tobacco absolute came from Bulgaria, and was extracted from the leaves of the nicotiana tabacuum plant. It's a dark brown oil, and quite thick and syrupy. . It has a very rich and strong type of scent, which at first sniff reminded me a little of labdanum, but it definitely has a sweetness to it as well.

Some of the starting materials I will use to re-create the scent  of tobacco flowers are: clary sage oil, rose oil, honey, jasmine, clove oil and ho leaf oil. But a few more materials will probably be added to the formula as I go along.

This is intended to be a fun, learning experiment for myself but I'll post everything in stages here, along with my understanding of the specific essential oils and why they are being used in the experiment, the different types of tobacco flower, and how perfumes bases or accords can be put together. So hopefully you will find it fun and educational as well, and I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions.

Here's a photo I took of some dried tobacco leaves on a recent visit to the Caribbean Cigar Company. They are located in Pelican Village, Bridgetown, and create cigars the traditional, hand-crafted way. The cigars are all rolled meticulously by hand, - no automation - and they produce up to 1,000 cigars a day.

The tobacco leaves, seeds, wrappers and binders they use are sourced from Cuba, Ecquador and Cameroon.